Can I use two sittings to study Medicine-full details

Can I use two sittings to study Medicine-full details

Why you should never use two sitting to apply for Medicine and surgery

Many candidates who aspire to study medicine and surgery does not have a one sitting result and they may want to resort to using combination of two results to apply for medicine in Nigeria institution.

Most of the top institutions in Nigeria always insist on one sittings and the reason for this is not farfetched. The total number of candidates apply for medicine and surgery in a year is very high and the school need a mechanism to reduce the applicants before the screening exercise.

Moreso…A candidate with one sitting result would be consider ahead of a candidate that want to use two sittings. If you want to Apply for Medicine and surgery z ensure that you have your O level result in One sittings to ensure smooth admission process.

What is likely To Happen of you apply with 2 sittings.

1) you may not be consider for Admission

2) you may given another Course.

3) you can be automatically disqualified before the commencement of the screening exercise.

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