cops member almost killed in the camp by soldiers

A corps member who was allegedly assaulted by some soldiers in Kaduna State NYSC Orientation Camp is currently battling for survival according to reports.

It was gathered that the corps member who is set to pass out next month was appointed to train the current corps members in the brigade band, when the parade was over, he decided to leave the premises as he is not bound to be within the camp ground.

Kaduna Corps Member Allegedly Battles For Life After Soldiers Assaulted Him in Camp

According to information, he was on his way out when a femaleĀ Soldier stopped him and told him to remain in the parade ground, he reportedly explained to her that he was not among the corps member undergoing the Orientation Camp Exercise, hence he is permitted to leave the camp ground when he is done with his duty.

The female Soldier reportedly started to harass him, and was later accompanied by a male Soldier, who started to kick him. He reportedly fell and was dealt with, It was also reported that after much torture, the corps member passed out and was rushed to the sick bay.

He reportedly broke hs neck and was later conveyed to a hospital outside the camp, rumour has it that the Corps member is currently battling for survival.

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